I’ve been wanting to thank you for the way you run such a beautiful company. One of the reasons I was drawn to working for Dignity was because of the company’s stated mission to treat their employees in the way they want employees to treat the patients. I have found it to be so true that Dignity really is carrying out that mission. I feel very cared for as an employee. One thing I’m still in awe about is the mental health therapy appointments that are covered 100% through our insurance. Another thing is the new backpack that I was given. It is much more comfortable than the one I was using. Lastly, ADON Teresa and NP Jamie have both been so welcoming and approachable that I feel complete with solid resources and support to navigate this learning curve. Just wanted to say thanks and bless your heart!

- Current Employee

“First and foremost, I need to say that my recent experience with Dignity Hospice was nothing but outstanding in every possible way. The service and speed with which they handled my needs as I cared for my 91-year-old mother during the last few months of her life, was beyond my expectations. I had no idea what I was doing as I had never been a caregiver in this way before. The information and knowledge provided by each and every employee I had contact with were so very helpful and helped ease my stress during the most difficult time in my life. Allison, the RN, exceeded my mother’s needs and mine in every imaginable way possible. Her attention to my mother’s declining condition and her explanations of what was happening to her body helped me provide the very best care for her each day. Her health changed almost daily, and Allison guided me in the most caring and professional way. She is a wonderful asset to Dignity’s team. Terry, the CNA assigned to us was exceedingly caring and extremely helpful. His calmness eased mom’s anxiety when she had to be moved or showered. He caught signs of her declining health as well and kept myself and Allison aware so we were able to best care for her. Terry is a wonderful CNA; kind, caring, thoughtful and always kept in touch with me so I knew when he would be arriving, so I was able to get a small break while knowing mom was in excellent hands.

While I wish that no one has to go through these kinds of experiences, when they do, I can recommend from all my heart that they contact Dignity Hospice. I do not have enough kind words to express how much they helped my mother and I.”

Forever Thankful, KG

“Thank you Dignity Hospice staff!!!! The care and support you have provided since the initial entrance interview you have been there provided exceptions, not only for my father but also for the family have been so amazing and helpful. I am extremely appreciative to be part of a great team to help my dad!”
KC Yarcho

“Dignity Hospice cared for my Mother for almost 9 months. My Mother fell in love with everyone that took care of her. The caregivers, chaplains, nurse, massage therapists and social workers were such wonderful people. They loved my Mother, and anyone could see that in the care that they gave her. Everyone was so kind to her and had so much patience with her. It was such a glowing tribute to my Mother when she passed away that all the Dignity people that cared for my Mother came to her funeral. I even had the Hospice Chaplain conduct her funeral. The Dignity personnel really care about the people that they are responsible for. It is not just a job for them, but a true calling. When I was so distraught with what was happening with my Mother and her illness, all I had to do was call someone from Dignity to help me through the difficult times. They were there for the family. I would highly recommend Dignity Hospice to any family that needs Hospice care for a family Member. They do such an outstanding job and are a very committed team of people.”

-Sincerely, SG

“My brother resided in a nursing facility who did the best they could with the care my brother needed. However, he was bed ridden and had a lot of health issues and it had gotten to a point they needed help. It was suggested that I change his care to hospice so he would get that very special extra care he so needed, and fast. There’s such an ugly ‘Myth’ about Hospice. People assumed they are ready to die and I was also very reluctant, BUT they reassured me it would be the best choice for the state of which my brother’s health was in. So, they gave me some brochures to look over and told me to take my time. As I was looking through all the information, I came across Dignity’s brochure and automatically thought ‘these are the people you want to care for your brother’. I was so impressed with the standard of care he received all the way up until the day he passed away. I had such an awesome support system! From the social worker who was by his side a lot, to his nurse who was his eyes and ears; comparing notes with doctors and nurses at the Facility, and OF COURSE don’t forget the Chaplain! I love her. She was such an inspiration in the Spiritual sense. She made it easier for me. I would recommend to any family that has to make this hard decision, to put their loved one in the hands of Dignity Hospice. It was incredible”


“To Whom it May Concern, I asked our Dignity Chaplain, Cheryl to be the minister at my Mother’s funeral service after she passed away. Cheryl had visited with her while she was on Hospice. When I asked her to officiate my Mother’s funeral, she had only known her a very short while, so I met with her and gave her more background on my Mother – her loves, interest, family, hobbies etc. The memorial that Cheryl gave at my Mother’s funeral was so beautiful. Many of the guests were from various religious backgrounds. Cheryl had such a unique gift to make everyone feel comfortable with their religious preferences by being so inclusive of all beliefs. The message she gave at the funeral was the complete embodiment of my Mother. For people that did not know my Mother, they came away with such an understanding of who she was in her life and how much she was loved by everyone. If my Mother had been looking down from Heaven, she would have been so pleased. Several of the attendees came up to Cheryl afterwards and congratulated her on such a wonderful service. I am forever grateful to Cheryl for the service that she gave my Mother and me. I would recommend her to anyone as she has such a true gift of understanding people and what they need during times of mourning or celebration.”


“To all of you at Dignity Hospice, we all wish to thank you for all the care and concerns you gave Mel. Your support, prayers and help is so appreciated by all the family. Gods Blessings, Family.”

-Loving family friend

“Our family really appreciates everyone’s acts of kindness and the helping hands while our dad was in your care. Thank you for always being there for me and the family. I’ll always remember your kindness.”


“Dignity was the best choice we ever made for my mom’s end-of-life care. Everyone was so helpful to her and she loved the team that took care of her. It gave us peace of mind knowing that she was in the best hands possible. Thank you!”


“There was not one person I didn’t meet from Dignity that didn’t sit down and talk with me. They would hold my hand and make sure I was doing okay when they saw me. From the massage therapist, CNA, to the chaplain, everybody was so kind.”

-Loving family member